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About Virtual JobFair

We are a Edgy Talent Agency from Boston, Massachussetts. We’ve a strong community support of upwards of 150k business and technology professionals around the world.

Software & Data Developer

High Quality Data Driven developers are hard to find, but using our strong outreach, AI and network of experts we make discovery happen.

Business & Analytics Professionals

Data driven business professionals are crucial for today’s businesses. AI led virtual jobfair makes discovery of top business talent simple, fast and effective.

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Passion leads to search, search leads to curation, curation leads to unicorns!

#TeamTAO - Virtual Job Fair

Our Service

Our AI led high quality talent sourcing platform has made talent sourcing process agile. Every month, meet uber targeted professionals and make some great hiring for your team. Being technology led helps us keep the cost low, thereby providing a win-win-win platform for talent, sourcer and #TeamTAO. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your talent needs.

Personalized Service

We provide personalized hiring services.

Discover Unicorns

Using our vast outreach, we discover top talent.

Global Outreach

We work with global community to find our top talent.

Feedback Driven

We work closely with our talent and recruiter.


Dedicated Data Science Team and One Mission

We believe in a diverse range of personnels to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to our innovative curation process.

Our strong data science, software development, open source community experience and top business consulting experience gave us chops to help out other businesses in finding the talent of tomorrow, today! Our passion for data & drive to solve today’s talent problem has got us industry’s top name working with us for their talent need.


We are good at

Our strong data science and software development background makes us even more hungry, hungry for more data, more analytics, mode development, much more cultural fits and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver the best business & development talent.

Computation Professionals
Big Data Tools
Analytics Frameworks
Understanding Innovation
Cultural Fits
Our commitment to find Unicorns

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We are opening our Virtual JobFair Talent Recruiter Enrollment to invite top recruiter to join our platform and meet top technology professionals through our platform. To provide high quality leads and impact provide measured top leads, we are opening up small number of recruiter seats at this point.
Please signup ASAP and join the suit of some of the best technology hires of the industry working on new age TAO to get their best professionals.
Our Virtual JobFair brings interactions of job fair, comfort of working from desk and impact of data driven platform to get you best hires.

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